Erin Wasson LowLuv Jewelry

Erin durfte ihre Kreation bei der Alexander Wang Fall 2008 zeigen. Die Modesls tragen die Kreation von Erin Wasson Jewelry Line Low Luv

Hier sind die Teile von dem Topmodel Erin

Zu kaufen gibt es die Teile bei


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  1. yuri_nahl

    Comrades, these sluts should not be in a normal runway show. I Yuri Nahl, fashion maven, say just get some mangy assed old bed frames, found on Ellis island, or some convenient slum or shithole nearby, and put ‚em on the runway. Then have these bitches being fucked or forced to suck cock while leaning on them for the show. Make sure they end up with come drooling out of them , in any case. Then when the thugs hired to maul them are done fucking and molesting them, they steal their jewelry they are modeling and walk away while threatening rich bitches in the audience.
    Make sure these broads get photographed in a more disgusting location next time. Like, show some junkie shooting gallery. Have neighborhood hoodlums beating up the photography crew, shit like that. I have to go, Momo took a shit on himself and I have to keep an eye on him.

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