H&M: Fashion agaigst Aids goes Camping/Festival

Start: 20 mai 2010

Ein Paar Sachen mir sehr. Besonders sie Campingartikel sind mein Fall.



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2 Antworten zu “H&M: Fashion agaigst Aids goes Camping/Festival

  1. yuri_nahl

    Comrades, nice, very authentic looking. the chicks duds anyway. The guys duds are slightly miss aimed compared to the chick’s . The concept seems a bit confused . I admit I may be confused. On the whole I like the duds. The chicks have a nice sluttish look. When I was the same age as those models, I had a 1950s high school marching band coat. I looked like I was right out of the Wizard of Oz. I think that’s what the designer was aiming for when he did the dude’s jacket. It should be more into the embroidered shoulder boards and shit like that. It’s OK though anyway. Going in the right direction. I can’t wait till some fucker brings out a line of the black Waffen SS uniforms for daily ware . The formal ones, not fatigues. No camouflage. Karl should do that!

  2. yuri_nahl

    Comrades, I forgot to say, thanks for the anti- AIDS charity. Very commendable. A good cause. Thank you.

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