Interview Magazine: Madonna by Mert & Marcus

Tolle Bilder von Madonna von Mert und Marcus für das Interview Magazine. DAs Interview ist von Gus von Sant. Hier ist das Interview


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  1. yuri_nahl

    Comrades, this broad irritates me for some reason, maybe cuz she reminds me of a slut I was banging when I was 19. I have to admit the old cow is pretty well preserved. I liked the last photos of her. These ones are too blatant for me. I mean, if you’re gonna have the slut look, why not have a pussy lip hanging out at least. The last photos were good, she looked like a porno star that had retired but was still attractive, and had the look of having been reamed out, but was on top of it. But that’s just me. She’s looking really good and healthy , I have to say. It’s probably just me, cuz when I look at her she reminds me of that little whore I was obsessed with, who I let use me as a chump. Fucking bitch.

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