Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld


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  1. yuri_nahl

    Fucking Comrade Karl.! You bastard! I have other important art history news . I am also a historian, and cultural anthropologist. While digging up a bombed out ruin in east Berlin, a dry cleaner was found. Inside a pair of jodhpurs was found a poem by the Fuhrer, written when he was poor. Too poor to pay his dry cleaning bill. Following is:

    Fuhrer Poem About Dry Cleaning

    While putting on my spare pair of jodhpurs,
    I found a hole made by a moth.
    Though I tried, I couldn’t blame anyone else.
    I forgot to put DDT on the cloth.
    The End
    (signed „A Hitler“ stylized signature)

  2. yuri_nahl

    Comrades, found recently in (former) peace loving Soviet Union GRU (military intelligence ) archive, A Joseph Goebbels poem about the Fuhrer. This special privilege, was allowed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, only because one of my uncles had served with Comrade Putin’s father at Battle of Nevsky Bridgehead in October 1941. Putin was marine and badly wounded in military disaster, and grandpa saved him. So here is, (courtesy of peace loving Russian Federation) Goebbels poem regarding the Fuhrer….

    Fuhrer Poem by Goebbels

    As a consequence of the Fuhrer’s bladder sphincter always getting weaker,

    The pond of urine in his riding boots was continually getting deeper.

    The Fuhrer had a fountain installed, that would gurgle and splash and bubble,

    To conceal the fact that he always sounded like,

    He was walking through a fairly deep puddle…..

    The Fuhrer had the cobbler put holes in his boots,

    With which he could discretely pour,

    The urine into some special funnel shaped holes,

    Which the workmen had drilled through the floor…..

    Those Nazis who were working in the basement knew

    That, approximately every half-hour,

    They’d have to spring open their umbrellas,

    As protection from a golden shower……

    Because the Fuhrer was very superstitious,

    Often his astrologers would meet,

    To attempt to understand the significance ,

    Of the Fuhrer’s damp and yellow feet…….

    After drinking a pot of tea,

    The Fuhrer would dribble a drop of pee,

    And would then feel so ashamed,

    He would scold his faithful Alsatian dog,

    Poor Blondi would have to take the blame!…..

    The End

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