Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring 2011 Gesicht

Wie gefällt euch das neue Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin Gesicht Milla Jovovich. Davor war Julia Stegner das Gesicht der Mercedes Benz Fashion Week


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9 Antworten zu “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring 2011 Gesicht

  1. yuri_nahl

    Comrades, this chick is so overwhelmingly a Godess, that I wonder why it’s not a closer in photo. I realize it would be difficult to look at the car then, but they could have put someone who resembles the Fuhrer in the passenger seat, with Milla driving, showing her nylons and panties. Then everyone would have had to tape the ad onto their wall to look at while they are masturbating, both men and women. She’s so hot.

  2. tfreel

    yuri, this site makes me want to listen to Rammstein – cue Mutter.

    Keine Sonne die mir scheint
    keine Brust hat Milch geweint
    in meiner Kehle steckt ein Schlauch
    hab keinen Nabel auf dem Bauch

    • yuri_nahl

      Comrade tfreel, I dig those guys too. They also have good fashions, sort of like male German Lady Gaga types. They rock, that’s for sure. I think I have never heard of them in the US. Perhaps they were misconstrued as Nazi wannabes or some shit like that. Look how the squares jump on Lindsay Lohans‘ case every time they can. They’re a bunch of cunts, I say, a bunch of fucking cunts.

      • tfreel

        do you think they say „ich bin ein Kunt“ to themselves ? that would be keenly autocritical if so.

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  4. yuri_nahl

    Comrade, I should clarify that statement. I meant that critics of Lindsay (who I have always loved) and critics in general are a bunch of fucking cunts, and certainly not Ramstein, who are an ass kicking rock band! Many attractive sluts inhabit their videos. In fact , if one drove up in a bicycle, my nose would become stuck to the seat, like a hunk of iron ,to a magnet.

  5. yuri_nahl

    Comrade tfreel, I’m fairly certain it’s the same. Do you have a subscription to this blog tfreel? There is some wonderful shit in here. If you scroll to the top of the page, and click on Annie or Helmut, you can see some photography that will make some aspiring photographers want to slash their wrists! That’s only a speck of the good stuff. It could be a full time job looking at it! It’s really a treasure trove. Plus you can say „fuck“ and they won’t remove your post!

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