Jeans Mania

1) Superfine

In Sachen Jeans gibt es eine neue Hauptstadt London

Sie kommt nicht aus Hollywood. Sie wird nicht von Paris Hilton getragen. Dennoch die überlange, graue verwaschene Strechjeans von Superfine der Besteller. Warum? Die Jeans ist nicht nur rattenscharf, sondern auch cool. Londons Antwort (Erfinder: Stylistin Lucy Pinter, Fotografin Flora Evans) auf den Sexy-hexy Style aus L. A. Pormoted von Britinnen wie Kate Moss, Sienna Miller


219 €  von

Trägerin: Mary Kate Olsen, Victoria Beckha


02. Ksubi früher Tsubi

Jeans der australischen Kultlabels Ksubi (ehemals Tsubi). Erkennungszeichen: kreuz Logo, sexy Enge Schnitte, kleine Taschen

machen Knackarsch


03. J Brands

04. Sass and Bide

Sass and Bide ist australisches Label wie auch Tsubi. Sass kommt von Sarah-Jane Clark und Bide ist Heidi Middleton.

Interview mit Mark Wiesmayr, der Chefdirektor von Sass & Bide Jeans vom Vogue Magazine

Mark Wiesmayr has been obsessed with denim for more than a decade. His impressive profile has seen him work as the CEO and Denim Director of Ksubi, Design Manager of Mambo, Design Manager Levi Strauss Australia and Product Manager of Rip Curl Europe. And more recently, Mark has extended his creative flair to our very own sass & bide. The denim guru’s designs currently feature in the Aussie label’s new ‘Seeds of Babylon’ and ‘Denim & Play’ collections.

Vogue spent five minutes with the LA-based denim expert and quizzed him with these ten questions.

1. Who, what or where do you gain your inspiration from?

Art and artists, my friend Doug Aitken and his incredible projects; Jamie Brisick and his projects. Shrift markets, Longbeach and the Rose Bowl. Architecture, industrial and interior design, furniture and technology…. ooh!
The things I hear as girls discuss the things they want to buy or wear. A clear head after a morning surf. My friend designers, discussions we have over a surf or a meal.
John Moore from Modern Amusement, Mel Remai from Abercrombie and Fitch, Carlo Tagliapetra from Trovata. The times and travels my girlfriend (Eileen Peters) and I have.
2. What are the top trends or must-have styles emerging in the denim scene?

For capri jeans with cuffs, try our Missona Plazas. Or the slim straight leg from the sass & bide Vernon Rakes collection. Seventies styles such as the higher waist slim fit, and wide leg look from sass & bide’s new Hulsey Strutters collection. Plus, black’s coming back, as are monochromatic tones, flat finishes and embroidery details.
3. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

Maybe 120 pairs…. it’s an archive thing though, don’t call it obsession!
4. When you have the opportunity to have a break from your day-to-day schedule, what would your fantasy getaway entail?

My girlfiend Eileen, sun, offshore winds and great swell. Fantastic food and an exhibition or two to stimulate our discussion over dinner – in very minimal clothing! The brown sands of the Central/South Americas, or the Caribbean azure water and happy souls to dance with.
If I’m limited to loctaion, then its the Joshua Tree desert. A stop off at its hot springs, dinner at Mr Parker, and fossicking amongst the collectible furniture and design stores there, then pining after a Lautner house on the hill.
5. Whether you’re winding down or having a night out with friends, what are your fave tunes of the moment?

Built to spill, Sufjan Stevens, Broken Social Scene, Clap your hands say yeah, Galaxy 500, Ms John Soda, Ester Drang, The whitest boy alive, The Elected, The Fall. My online radio picks are and The tunes they play make my head lilt and sway.
6. Visiting, holidaying or residing – tell us your favourite hot spots around town?

Home: Axe Restauraunt, Venice; Piccolo Restaurant, Venice; The Little Door, LA.
Sydney: North Bondi Italian Food; The Bunga Bar with Damo; Longrain.
Palm Springs: Mr Parker.
NYC: Freeman’s; La Esquina.

7. Who is the designer/model you most admire?

Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquière; Eileen Peters.
8. Traveling can take its toll, what’s your secret to arriving in tip-top shape?

I have to have noise-cancelling headphones (always) and my video iPod. Fly barefoot (kick off the shoes for the flight), stretch a lot, and drink water like breathing. If the inflight movie’s are bad, DON’T watch them! I read voraciously, so I must have books for the flight, and some great magazines. Open the window of the cab from the airport, get outside and immerse myself in water, surf as soon as I can!
9. We don’t always advertise it but we do all have our favourite foods that we indulge in, what’s yours?

Are you kidding? I’m an eater and a foodie! Not ever only one, here’s my little indulgence notepad:
The basic bowl at AXE restaurant in Venice with wild salmon, lobster dynamite at Hama Sushi in Venice (and an Asahi). Any pasta at Dominick’s in Beverly Hills and EVERYTHING at Koi in LA.
10. Which three people would be at the top of your dinner party list?

Spike Jonze, Will Farrell and Renzo Piano

jeans ab 90 $


05. 7 for all mankind

7 for all mankind ist eine Jeansmarke aus den USA. Sie existiert seit 2000. Gegründet wurde sie von Michael Glasser, Peter Koral und Jerome Dahan. Zunächst wurden Damenjeans hergestellt, seit 2002 gibt es auch Herren- und seit 2005 Kinderjeans dieses Labels. Der Name entstand nach einer Untersuchung, wonach US-Bürger im Durchschnitt 7 Paar Jeans besitzen. 7 for all mankind sind in über 80 Ländern erhältlich. Preislich sind sie im Premiumsegment angesiedelt und Jeans kosten um die 250 Euro (Stand Juni 2007).

Nach Angaben der Financial Times Deutschland betrug der Umsatz im Jahre 2002 rund 60 Millionen Dollar und der Gewinn 20 Millionen Dollar. Die Firma wurde 2005 von der US-amerikanischen Beteiligungsgesellschaft Bear Stearns Merchant Banking gekauft, der Preis soll etwa 100 Millionen Dollar betragen haben. Das Amt des Chief Executive Officers wurde Andreas Kurz übertragen; zu diesem Zeitpunkt belief sich der Umsatz der Firma auf etwa 250 Millionen Dollar.


06. AG Jeans (Adrianno Goldschmied)

07. Antik Jeans von

08.J Crew

09. True Religion


10. Blue Notch
Getragen von Beyonce und Mischa Barton


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